My name is Emi, the manager of Ichigonoki.

I make handmade rompers for children 

with disabilities and illnesses.

My mission is to make all of my products
to look Kawaii (Cute).
Gastrostomy Customization 1画像

Gastrostomy Customization 1

Price¥108(Tax Included)
Product Description

This is Optional Item is for the customization of the romper to meet the needs of a child with gastrostomy.

You can add this option to Standard Type rompers.

The option will allow you to easily access a gastrostomy feeding tube while your child is still wearing the romper. There are snap buttons in the area of the cut-out, so you can use it as a normal romper when a gastrostomy feeding tube is not in use.

Please add one Optional Item for each romper ordered.

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