My name is Emi, the manager of Ichigonoki.

I make handmade rompers for children 

with disabilities and illnesses.

My mission is to make all of my products
to look Kawaii (Cute).
Thank you for visiting my website.

Ichigonoki means Strawberry Tree in Japanese.

On this website, I take orders for handmade products that I think will come in very handy for children with disabilities and illnesses.

I, the shop owner, also have a daughter with severe disabilities. I have often wished that there were more items available to suit the needs for people in this situation. I have also found myself wanting to alter certain items to be more suitable for our needs. Further, I have heard many similar remarks from other mothers in the same position as myself.

I spare no effort in the making of our products. I also use high quality materials and focus on comfort, keeping in mind the fact that my child and I will use them.

I would like you to be able to enjoy choosing different patterns, shapes and sizes. With this, I have many offerings from you can choose.

Please choose the items that are suitable for your child's needs.

All products are made-to-order, carefully crafted one-by-one.

I make my products in between doing housework and taking care of my daughter, therefore, it may take a while for your order to be made. However, I believe it will be worth the wait and that you will be very satisfied with my products in the end!

The prices of my products are set at an amount that is just enough to allow me to purchase the materials and keep my store running. After covering costs, I donate all profits, as well as a part of the total sales, to children with the CDLK5 genetic disorder.

I'm currently studying English in order to be able to help my customers and to reply to English inquiries quickly. Please bear with me if my English is not perfect.

Thank you for your understanding and for shopping at Ichigonoki. 
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