My name is Emi, the manager of Ichigonoki.

I make handmade rompers for children 

with disabilities and illnesses.

My mission is to make all of my products
to look Kawaii (Cute).
Romper - Curly Rope Pattern - Standard Type画像

Romper - Curly Rope Pattern - Standard Type

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Type 110, Sleeveless
Price ¥2,322(Tax Included) Quantity
Product Description

I make rompers for children of all ages. 

The material I use is an inter-locked fabric, which is commonly used in clothes for babies and children. It is a high quality material made in Japan and comes in many different fun patterns.

It is 100% cotton, very stretchy and comfortable. It is a fabric that can be worn year round.

Each of the patterns come in these different design types: Standard, Open Front, Combination, Short-Sleeve, and Sleeveless.

Photos may show rompers or underwear that differ slightly from the item description. Please use the photos as a reference for the pattern.

Please add the “Gastrostomy Customization” Optional Item to add a design that suits the needs of a child using a gastrostomy feeding tube.

Please add to the cart by selecting from the Optional Item at the bottom of this page. 

Please add one Optional Item for each romper ordered.

Please confirm size.

Please make sure to check the size on the sizing chart before placing your order.

If you would like to order a size larger than the options shown, please contact me through e-mail.

A clothes dryer may shrink the material, so please refrain from machine-drying. Open-air drying is recommended.

Orders of 3 or more items are eligible for a special discount.

If you order more than 3 of the same type of romper, a 300 yen will be applied to your order. An additional 100 yen discount will be applied to each additional item ordered. 

Note: The discount will only be applied when ordering the same size, sleeve shape and romper type. However, please feel free to select different patterns.

The discount will be applied AFTER receiving your order. I will subtract the discount from the total price and be in touch to inform you of the adjusted price with a confirmation e-mail. The discounted price will then be charged to your credit card. 

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